We've watched "Smother" in today's English Class.

Date:12th Aug 2008

Well , why I post this article in my blog , 
it's because I think I should record what I've learned from the class & the movie.
If I can keep doing this action after class , 
not only I can review it and also I can arrange for my note.
Furthermore, it's also easier for me to review it from the blog instead of a lot of disorder notes.
If I do nothing after class , 
I know it's almost impossible for me to review those notes.

Although some words & sentences which has been taught by the teacher today are easy for me ,
but the problem is ,
when I need to use those simple words or sentence ,
I usually forget how to use it !
Therefore , to start recording all these useful sentences I've learned from the class ,
maybe this can help me to have more impression on it.

Finally , I really have to say --

Liv Tyler is really beautiful !
And she also has a slender figure !

【Notes of "Smother" - by Greta】

01. Physical therapy 物理治療 / Physical therapist 物理治療師

02. bake the bread 烤麵包

03. My toast just popped. 麵包烤好了

04. Hi, you've reached XX & OO,  leave a message at the ...  
     電話打到 XX & OO 的家,接通後聽到的制式電話答錄機留言。
→ reach (v) 接通了。

05. May I take a msg for you ?

06. Who's on the phone now ?

07. Hang on a second.

08. Put him/her on.  

09. Ralph was on the speakerphone.
     Ralph 在線上,用免持聽筒就聽的到
→ speakerphone (n) 喇叭、擴音器;免持聽筒

10. I hope I'm not bothering you.

11. I don't really want to intrude you.
→ intrude (n) 打擾、冒犯

12. I just stopped by to say hello to you.
→ stop by 順路性的拜訪 = visit
→ ex:Would you stop by when you are in town?

13. Come in for some coffee and we'll call around for vacancies.
→ around 周圍、附近
→ vacancie 旅館

14. You're just one germen, genius.
     你只是個細菌,天才。〈How Ironic. 很諷刺〉

15. Sit tight = Sit still  坐好

16. I'm in the middle of class right now. Can we talk it later ?

17. How's it going ? = Waht's up ? = How are you ?

18. Yeah, it got moved up. 時間被延長/延期
→ Seminar 研討會、專題討論會
→ Meeting/Conference Room 會議室

19. avoid accountability and make a joke of everything
→ accountability (n) 負有責任;應作解釋

20. the hours are flexible and the pay's not terrible

21. Just place/put them everywhere. 哪邊都可以放置
→ ex:Where do you want this table?
          = Where do you want to place this table?

22. Is anyone hungey?My treat.
→ hungry = starving 
→ It's my treat = Be my guest.  我請客

23. May I take your order, sir?

24. Did she seem like she was high on marijuana?
→ marijuana (n) 大麻

25. Drug abuse  毒品濫用

26. Normally black movies don't hold my attention.
→ black movie 黑白電影
→ hold my attention = draw my attention

27. That's provoking [口語] = That's exciting

28. Don't bet on it.

29. I hope I'm not putting you out.

30. Right on.
→ Go for it ! 加油
→ Well done. 做的好

31. I use it to scare people like you if sneak up on me.
→ sneak up on me 打我的小報告

32. You can tell me what's going on with you and dad?
→ you can tell 你知道的、你可以分辨的
→ ex:You can tell a Christian. 
→ ex:I can tell you are from Taiwan. 我知道你是台灣人
→ you can never tell (ph) 誰都說不準

33. I think your father's having an affair.
→ have an affair 有外遇

34. I confronted him and he lied to me.
→ confront (v) 坦誠面對;對質 (+with)
→ ex:confront a prisoner with a witness 使囚犯與證人對質

35. I'm too worked up now. 我今天操過頭了!

36. You're telling me. 你說對了
→ ex:
     A:The movie is so boring.
     B:You're telling me.

35. It's occupied.

36. They'll be here in any second.

37. I'll take a rain check. 我要改期
→ rain check (ph) 延期、改期
→ ex:I can't make it to dinner tonight; but can I take a rain check?

38. Would you focus?

39. Did you set your alarm (clock) for work tomorrow?

40. I'm not spy on him. 我不是在刺探他

41. You always stir things up. 你總是把事情搞砸
→ stir things up 把事情搞砸
= mess up;screw up (ph)

42. Rolled the window up/down.

43. That's really impressive. 那真是讓人印象深刻

44. Stop put the pressure on me. 不要再給我壓力了

45. That was the word from heart. 肺腑之言

46. ONS = one night stand ㄧ夜情

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