Date:2008.9.20            Time:19:30 ~ 21:40
Movie:Sweeney Todd〈瘋狂理髮師〉

Phrases from Sweeney Todd

01. Life's been too kind to you.
= Life's been too good. 生命對你太慈善了

02. It's haunted. = This is a haunted house.
→ haunted (a) 鬧鬼的

03. She poisoned herself. 她服藥自殺
→ food poisoned 食物中毒

04. He will have his revenge.
→ revenge 復仇、報復
→ ex:I'll revenge that insult. 我要洗雪那個恥辱
→ [口語] I'll get you back 等著瞧、我會有所回報〈報復〉的

05. Your meaning is immaterial. 你的想法、意見不重要
      = doesn't matter = not important
→ immaterial (adj) 不重要的; 非物質的、無形的、精神的
→ ex:That's wholly immaterial to me. 那對我來說根本無足輕重
→ ex:The body is material but the soul is immaterial. 

06. I've served no kings. 沒有替國王服務過 [古式英文/文言]
→ ex:I have no money = I don't have money

07. The Gods are favoring your way. 神眷顧你 [古式英文]
= The odds are on your side. [現代] 現在你比較佔優勢〈風水輪流轉〉

08. She bows to your every will. 她會順從/屈服於你的意願/你所有的希望
→ bow = follow
→ [現代] He/she will do everything you say.

09. The boy drinks like a sailor.
→ sailor 水手

10. He's got a stomach the size of a black hole.
→ black hole 也可用任何大容量的物體來取代

11. Stock up + sth 囤積某物
→ ex:As soon as they heard about possible food storages,
           they began to stock up.



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