Date:2008.8.16            Time:19:30 ~ 21:40
Movie:Fun With Dick & Jane〈我愛上流〉

Why this movie use the name of Dick & Jane for the leading role ,
it's because of the content of 1 unit of the US elementary school class,
it's "See Dick run" & "See Jane run".

Since the leading roles in this movie are running very hard for living & making money ,
that's why they give the leading roles the name of Dick & Jane.
These 2 names can easier let American imagine "run".

【Phrases used in Fun with Dick & Jane

01. I made that up
→ making it up as you go 隨機應變
→ make up 化妝
→ make it up 補償
→ we're made up 我們合好了

02. How do you like your eggs ?
→ cooked 全熟/sunnyside up 半熟荷包蛋〈太陽蛋〉/scrambled 炒蛋
→ over easy (runny) 蛋黃蛋白炒在一起有點黏黏糊糊半熟的蛋
※ 用餐點牛排時:
→ rare 生的/medium rare 3分熟/medium 5分熟/medium well 7分熟/well 全熟

03. Make youself at home = Help yourself

04. Come on, don't hold out on me.
= Come on, don't put me in the dark.
= Hey, I'm in the dark.
→ I don't know how long he can hold out?我不知道他還能撐多久?
→ hold on = wait a min. 等一下
→ hold off = call off = cancel
      〈hold off =  暫時取消延期,但不知道何時會再舉行〉
      〈call off = cancel = 完全取消〉
05. I don't know how you sleep at night?

06. completely transparent
     完全透明的〈通常用於政治 or 金融界〉
→ ex:My company is completely transparent.

07. “Global Dyme”tanked
→ tank (n) 坦克 → 引申:被壓垮、被壓倒、被擊垮
→ ex:Man , you really tanked. 〈通用過去式,因為通常是事情已發生後才會去敘述〉

08. your check bounced 你的支票跳票了

09. in a little bit of pickle〈老式用法〉
= in trouble〈現在的通用用法〉
→ pickle (n) 醃黃瓜、酸黃瓜
→ ex:We might be in a lottle bit of pickle = We're in trouble

10. We got screwed

11. they are ripe for the pickin'

12. cut the crap
→ crap (n) 小鳥、動物的糞便

p.s.     今天 Tommy 的髮型從原本的金髮變成銀髮了,很酷,我喜歡~ XD
p.s.2   To whom can correct my article:
            If there's any problem in this article , such as grammar or structural ,
            please help to amend it by reply this article. Thx.


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